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Hospitality Intelligent Management System


H   I   M   S

Multi-faceted hotel management system whenever

and wherever you want via smartwatch.


“This is an industry game changer for hotel communication device.

It was beyond my imagination. It dramatically improves our whole communication flow.”

Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel

Bruce Brainerd, General Manager


Push and hold to speak. The fastest and most reliable walkie-talkie system on any Wi-Fi.

Support group messaging and walkie-talkie calls.

Manage users and channels from a simple web console.

With ‘History’ feature, users can track and replay any missed messages.

More than one person can speak at the same time.


“HIMS WiTalkie is very secured communication device compared to old analog open communication system, walkie-talkie.

It is beyond just communication device. It helps us all communication issue and is very easy to use.”

Park Hyatt, Aviara

Eftren August, IT Director

For Managers

Easily slide down to check every room status for

check-in ready.

Leave voice & text requirements.

Customized guest room inspection checklists.

Track all guest requirements and progress.


“Amazingly improve our whole housekeeping flow with HIMS. It brings convenience and efficiency for our customer support. We have been using old system, after we upgraded with HIMS, we could save 30% of workload.”

The Westin San Diego Gaslamp Quarter

Charles Cho, General Manager

For Staffs

One touch task management.

Real time room updates with no room discrepancies.

Professional translation in over 150 languages.


“Staff members do not need to bring all the papers to check room status any more. Within 3 clicks, they can manage their tasks and see real-time data. Our guests and staffs are delighted with translation service.”

Hyatt Grand Manchester

Jaideep Seigh, IT Director

Total Management Web

Easily assign tasks and talk to any staff member.

Manage properties and employees based on the Inspection analysis reports.

Real-time chat or message with your guests, and improve customer satisfaction.



Offering scalable technology and integrated solutions to provide a personalized in-room experience, HIMS Hospitality TV solutions make your guests feel right at home and access content quickly and easily.

Create an In-Room Experience with an At-Home Feel

Control content effectively with HIMS Hospitality TVs. We support remote management of a hospitality property’s TV network from one central location which helps to provide the most suitable applications and premium contents customized for each guest room or group of rooms.



Don’t hesitate to deliver a true SMART TV experience without the need for set-top boxes.

Bring a full multimedia experience into your hotel room

With High Definition Multimedia Interface(HDMI) inputs, your TV will transform your entertainment center.

HDMI provides high-speed transmission of high definition digital data from Multiple devices straight into your TV.

Enjoy access to all of the apps you want

Enjoy access to all of the apps your guests might want. Let them enjoy fun-to-use smart TVs at your hotel.

Engineering Design and Product Sales

We offer competitive pricing and availability on Hospitality Televisions by market leaders Samsung and LG. Your televisions are the center of guests’ room entertainment experience. We are here to improve connectivity and maximize guest satisfaction during their stay. We will recommend the most suitable TVs and customized services for your property based on your specific needs. You deserve to be happy with your investment that works perfect and will last well into the future.


Discover New Entertainment

Let Your Guests Stream Content to Hotel Room TVs

HIMS CAST helps you to upgrade and maximize guests’ room entertainment experience even without buying a new TV. You can get the highest quality 1080p HD video and surround sound. With HIMS IN-ROOM TABLET, guests can also cast content instead of using their own device. Plus, guests can enjoy Netflix for free if you subscribe for HIMS CAST monthly plan. Guests do not need to suffer from limited content at your hotel. Start to deliver the same experience guests enjoy at home in the comfort of their hotel room.






Maximize guests’ experience with HIMS IN-ROOM TABLET

Let guests stream content not by their own devices but by HIMS IN-ROOM TABLET.

They can enjoy content while they are freely using their own devices.

For hotels that subscribe for HIMS CAST monthly plan, guests

don’t have to sign in with their own account. Instead, they can

enjoy content for free.


Guests are becoming smarter and hotels need to be smarter, either.

Why should guests always call when they need something? And why is the front desk always busy with handling guests’ requirements?

Guests can text through HIMS IN-ROOM TABLET and it helps to manage all the requirements from every room. Plus, historical data will remain and rank the most frequently occurring issues.


Easiest way to present useful hotel informations & promotions for guests.

You had better stop spending money on digital signage screens In the hallway and elevator areas. Guests spend their time on their room. You should choose a smarter way to provide useful hotel informations & promotions that can help your guests seamlessly enjoy staying on your hotel.

Our environment: any changes or adjustments are made digitally  - no paper needed.

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